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With today’s advancing digital world, envelopes and other forms of mail are starting to become less and less attractive. The light in all of this is that there are many things that one can do to make their designs stand out from all the others. Many different companies and websites offer great services to make one’s envelopes really stand out. Here are six great ideas for creating a successful design. If you’d like to read our recent article on flyer printing click here.

1. D-Bro
On the top left of these envelopes is a creative little logo. With these, one will not have to worry about getting a paper cut, thanks to the smooth edges of the paper. The logos come in three different designs, an airplane, car or train. One can also choose from three different colored designs as well. Right above the logo is a little bubble that says “open,” giving it a lively appearance to those who open it.

2. Are We Designer
The front of these have the words “up, up and away.” On the back is a little sticker that says “sealed with a kiss.” Although the paper is a plain white color, the overall appearance has quite an elegant look to it. Because of the thickness of the envelope, nobody can peek through.

3. ChickChirik
Primarily designed for gift giving, these large envelopes are made from heavy-duty stock paper. Better yet, the materials used in these are natural, recycled, handmade and “soft to the touch.” ChickChirik offers their envelopes in three different designs, one being a cardboard color. Above everything else, the sheer durability of these things is what makes them so eye grabbing.

4. Davide Vignes
The long rectangular shape of these envelopes is one of the features that make them so unique. Instead of opening like the average envelope, contents slide into the “top” of the rectangle shape, similar to a portfolio. Even though the color is a mundane beige, the shape alone gives it an attractive appearance. These will have one dying to know what lies inside.

5. Hot Popsicle
These are very similar to Davide Vignes designs, in both their shape and how they open. The included custom business cards inside resemble that of an ice cream stick. The outer envelope is white in color and has ragged edges toward the opening, giving it a personality of its own. The business cards are available in the colors red, blue or white, while the outer side is available in blue, red or green.

6. Bespoke
The design of these gives the word creativity a whole other meaning. When closed, they appear to look like the average cardboard-style design. Rather than the paper flap opening like a regular envelope, all four corners unfold in an origami-like pattern. Not only is this design very innovative, but it makes it extremely tamper evident as well. The origami opening feature alone puts the Bespoke envelope at the top of this list.

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