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Although digital marketing is a large aspect of a successful advertising campaign, local businesses can still benefit greatly from traditional print marketing as well, especially in areas with high volumes of traffic like a city or mall. There are some things to consider when researching how to make a good flyer – after all, this will be costing you time and money, so let’s make sure your flyers help attract new customers instead of winding up scattered to the wind or tossed into the nearest trash bin.

How to Design an Amazing Flyer for your Las Vegas Business

Know Your Target Audience

Who you want to attract plays a large influence on the actual design of your final product. “Everyone” isn’t the right answer either. Know your brand’s demographic and briefly study related advertising in the field before you start to design. A design directed at teenagers and young adults, for example, may contain images relevant to pop culture like the top celebrities and bright, playful text while a design for middle-aged professionals will be minimalistic and focus more on relevant digestible content.

Use Solid, Contrasting Colors

It might be tempting to spice things up with a texture or large image, but don’t go overboard. The best flyers are made of bold, basic fonts in contrasting but complimentary colors. Black and white, blue and yellow, etc.

Use Bullet Points

Avoid any large blocks of text. People should be able to skim your flyer, grab any essential information they need in a quick, easy-to-read format. If they’re immediately faced with multiple unbroken paragraphs, they’ll lose interest. Remember this is a flyer to advertise your business and its services – skip the long winded descriptions and focus on 2-5 word phrases that mention what you offer.

Stick to a Simple Layout

Just like business card printing, you don’t want to clutter the flyer with lists, exclamatory slogans or images. The best flyers are well-structured and take readers from point A to point B in a methodical fashion. Establish a hierarchy and arrange the text in a way that guides your readers’ eyes from top to bottom.

Use Social Media Links and Calls to Action

Your address and phone number are a given, but the best flyer designs today also incorporate your social media links so readers have a way to learning more about you in a way that’s easy for them. Remember: the goal of a flyer isn’t to make an immediate sale, but rather spark ongoing interest and a potential relationship. Use call to actions relevant to your links such as “Follow our Las Vegas Printing Company on Facebook for exclusive offers!” or “Follow us on Twitter!”

So the keys to an amazing design are:

  • Complimentary, bold colors.
  • Audience-specific design.
  • Simple, hierarchical layout.
  • Social media links and calls to action.

Keeping these key aspects of flyer design in mind while you come up with your own should help your final product be both reflective of your brand identity and engaging to your future customers.

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